Sing Lit Station
A Platform Where Writers And Readers Meet


A platform where readers and writers meet.

Sing Lit Station is a non-profit organisation, registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC). Through our programmes and initiatives, we want to be a platform where readers and writers can meet.

Our core mission is to grow the local literary community, and eventually become an intermediary for Singapore literature and its various stakeholders, contributors, participants and consumers. We aim to achieve this through three core lines:

  1. providing professional development for both established and developing writers;
  2. creating a one-stop portal for new and existing readers of Singaporean literature;
  3. building a participative community within the literary scene and the general reading population.

Sing Lit Station also utilises its venue to host a number of programmes, including a half-year writing residency, various events, as well as a number of workshop groups that consist of practicing and aspiring writers, migrant workers, and more.

As a company, we are supported by a core team of dedicated employees, experienced contractors, interns and volunteers. Sing Lit Station receives financial support from the National Arts Council, the Arts Fund and the Buy SingLit campaign for all the work that we do; we also receive donations from a community of generous patrons of the arts.

Our Office

3A Jalan Kubor
Singapore, 199201

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Visiting Hours:
Weekdays, 1pm-6pm
Weekends, appointment only