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Our exclusive, ticketed programmes featuring visiting writers in Singapore.


Every once in a while, Sing Lit Station plays host to a writer from abroad eager to impart their skills or talk about their work to a select audience. We encourage all writers visiting Singapore to contact us if they would like to conduct a masterclass at our premises, venue sponsor an event, or collaborate in special projects / programmes.


One of the root words for poetry is poesis: “making”. But what exactly “makes” poetry – and how do poems work?

By looking at a variety of poems, class members will uncover some of the issues surrounding the "making" of poetry and gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of poetry's power. Students will take away with them a sense of the discipline and craft that goes into the writing of poetry, as well as a sense of the importance of editing and drafting and of familiarising themselves with the special tools that poetry writing requires.

We will cover imagery, sound, form, the use of the line and line breaks. There will be time for each student to workshop one of their own poems.

This course is suitable for people who are beginners, and for those who have been writing for a long time. No prior reading necessary. Poems for discussion will be distributed in the class.

Participants will also need to have at least one poem of their own to be used for workshopping and discussion. Please bring at least 5 copies of your poem for each class member; additional copies (if necessary) can be made at Sing Lit Station. Please bring writing materials.

Copies of Judith Beveridge’s latest collection, Sun Music: New and Selected Poems, will be on sale for $20 (cash only).