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"A Book of Changes", Daryl Lim Wei Jie

"A Book of Changes", Daryl Lim Wei Jie


Poetry, 65 pages
Published by Math Paper Press, 2016


Change is what happens to everything: history is humanity's attempt to make sense of this inevitability. In his debut collection of poetry, Daryl Lim Wei Jie paints minute strokes that give way to panoramas, strewn with unusual asides: migrants crossing oceans; an ancient king reclaiming a throne; rivers clogged with corpses; the paperwork for an invasion; a milo dinosaur the height of Mount Everest. A Book of Changes is a young poet's attempt to make sense of the impossible ebb and flow of time.

About the Author:

Daryl Lim Wei Jie is a poet and critic, who read history at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, with a focus on intellectual history and political thought. He is particularly interested in the literary uses of history. Lim's work has appeared in QLRSCha: An Asian Literary JournalCeriphPOSKOD.SGDrunken Boat and Softblow, and his poetry has been anthologised in A Luxury We Cannot Afford (Math Paper Press, 2015) and elsewhere. His work has won him the Golden Point Award in English Poetry in 2015.

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