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"Caterwaul", Jennifer Anne Champion

"Caterwaul", Jennifer Anne Champion


Poetry, 71 pages
Published by Math Paper Press, 2016


Caterwaul is a memoir — is scrapbook — is a wall of sound. Caterwaul chronicles the dramas of a poorly poet in circumstances beyond her control. Illustrated with visual snippets of the poet's childhood in Serangoon Gardens, Jennifer Anne Champion maps pain and desire across middle-class suburbia, in a contest to be heard against the poetry of the heartlands.

About the Author:

Jennifer Anne Champion is a writer, educator and archivist. She works freelance to accommodate teaching performance poetry and creative writing in public schools and collaborations with institutions such as Word Forward, the National Arts Council, and the Ministry of Education. She co-founded the online archive project and educational resource, and now serves as its Multimedia Poetry Editor.

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