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Verena Tay



For over twenty-five years, Verena Tay has acted, directed and written for local English-language theatre in Singapore, working for companies such as The Necessary Stage, ACTION Theatre, TheatreWorks and Practice Theatre. Two collections of her short stories and four collections of her plays have been published, including The Car and Other Plays (2016) which is on the Ministry of Education’s list of recommended texts for the Lower Secondary English Literature curriculum.

Some of the listed workshops by Verena Tay are eligible for subsidy under the NAC-AEP programme. Please submit an inquiry below to find out more.


  • 2016 – Spaces: People / Places
    (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2016)

  • 2016 – The Car and Other Plays
    (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2016)

  • 2015–2016 – The Balik Kampung antholog series (editor)
    (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2012–2016)

  • 2012 – Spectre: Stories from Dark to Light
    (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2012)

  • 2011 – In the Company of Heroes
    (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2012)


For: upper sec., junior college; 5-20 pax
Availability: 3 hours per session; single session
Description: Writers are often stuck when trying to show how their characters interact and speak with one another in a way that seems authentic and allows the plot to unfold plausibly. In this workshop you will learn how to craft credible dialogue that propels your story forward. Workshops may be geared towards either fiction or playwriting.
Learning Outcomes: how to craft credible dialogue; gain practical tips on how to create naturalistic sounding dialogue.
Eligible for Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

For: upper sec., junior college; 5-20 pax
Availability: 3 hours per session; single session
Description: When writing a story, do you face problems in creating a vivid and plausible environment for your characters to inhabit? If so, then this workshop is for you. Not only will you gain tips on how to bring alive settings that you are familiar with, you will also gain some pointers on how to venture into the unknown and develop imaginary or historical settings that are beyond your everyday experience. By the end of the workshop, you will be better equipped to bring your readers into the various universes of your imagination.
Learning Outcomes: writing vivid settings; develop imaginary/historical settings through research and writing exercises
Eligible for Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

teachers only; 5-15 pax
Availability: 3 hours per session; two sessions
Description: Have you been commissioned by the school to write a play that students will perform, but you have little or no experience in playwriting? This 6-hour hands-on workshop is a practical introduction to the craft of playwriting that will help you create a script that will be exciting to stage and easy to produce. The facilitator is also available for consultation on your play on terms and conditions to be agreed.
Learning Outcomes: understanding what a play is, being realistic about what you can write, produce and stage; understanding what action is and how it keeps a play alive; how to write dialogue, the art of writing and re- writing.


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