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Get lit at Camp Lit – our three-day workshop series open to all secondary school students.

Camp Lit 2019 is open for registration.

If you are a student interested in Camp Lit 2019: Digital Natives, do sign up via two methods listed below:

  • Individuals →sign up here.

  • Schools → sign up here.

Financial aid / subsidies is also available via the following three means — all you have to do is write to us via the form provided at the bottom of the page for us to get started with the necessary procedures:

  1. Edusave: Students who are interested in utilising Edusave to cover the cost of the camp, please let us know. We will get in touch with your school to make the necessary arrangements.

  2. MOE Financial Assistance Scheme: Students who are eligible for the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme are also eligible for subsidies to attend Camp Lit.

  3. Tote Board Arts Grant: Previous iterations of Camp Lit were supported generously by the Tote Board Arts Grant, which gave all schools a 50% subsidy to send their students for the camp.

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This December holidays, join us for the fourth edition of Camp Lit, Sing Lit Station’s annual creative writing holiday camp for secondary school students!

Set against the backdrop of the ArtScience Museum, this camp will take students on an exploratory journey to discover what it means to be a writer in the digital age. Learn how to address the socio-political issues closest to your heart through poetry with Stephanie Dogfoot; practice kindness and empathy in your interactions online with Dr Yeo Wei Wei; and imagine the multitudes of Black Mirror-esque futures that are possible with Krishna Udayasankar. Following that, join journalist Nabilah Said as she drops some knowledge on the art of journalism in a time of content oversaturation, and get a chance to experiment with the endless possibilities of poetic form with Joshua Ip. Cap off the camp with game designer Ian Gregory, who will share his insights on the fascinating world of interactive fiction and branching narratives.

As always, students can expect plenty of fun challenges and activities peppered throughout the camp, with our 3-day scavenger hunt taking you right into the heart of the Future World exhibition.

Bring your laptops, tablets, and phones – it’s time to zoom into the future.


DAY 1: WED, 20 NOV 2019

All rights reserved. Copyright Jon Gresham.

All rights reserved. Copyright Jon Gresham.

Poetry As Resistance
Stephanie Dogfoot

What socio-political issues matter the most to you? In this workshop, learn how to harness your emotions about these issues and channel them into creating powerful poetry that challenges the status quo. Learn about the best ways to share your work and build a community through online groups such as SingPoWriMo, as well as spoken word open mic nights such as Spoke & Bird.


Being Human in the Digital Age
with Dr Yeo Wei Wei

The visibility of private lives on screens in real time across the globe has dramatically altered our sense of what it means to be an individual. Information is absorbed and judgements are formed in a matter of seconds. This workshop encourages you to question the ways in which daily immersion in social media has conditioned your thinking and feeling processes, the processes most vital to your development as a writer. How might creative writing guide your engagement with social media? This workshop explores this through empathy in the study of literature and the writing of fiction and poetry.

DAY 2: THU, 21 NOV 2019


Imagined Futures
with Krishna Udayasankar

Enter a world where anything is possible. Write a modern retelling of your favourite myths, or create an entirely new futuristic world set in space - as long as you can imagine it, you can make it into a reality. In this workshop, pick up the valuable skills required to build a rich, complex world and get some hands-on experience in writing a short piece of speculative fiction.

Photo credits: Erfendi Dhahlan

Photo credits: Erfendi Dhahlan

Write Like A Journalist
with Nabilah Said

Everyone has a story. Using interview skills, analysis of material and organisation of info, learn how to write a newspaper article about an individual or event, in a way that hooks the reader. In the digital age, you'll have to think big – what could the headline be? What photos or media could accompany the text? What related content might be needed?

DAY 3: FRI, 22 NOV 2019


Consent Form
Joshua Ip

Students will explore the possibilities and probabilities of form in this intensive poetry writing workshop. The workshop will contain a short overview of the various received, rediscovered and self-invented forms as applied throughout more than a hundred years of Singapore anglophone poetic history. It will also give students the opportunity to experiment with some of these forms in their own writing. (No parental consent is required for participation in this workshop.)

Split Narratives: This Decision will Drastically Change The Story
with Ian Gregory

Learn about branching narratives and how they work in games and interaction fiction. Where we explore narrative structures that gives an audience choice and the ability to affect outcomes and endings. Step away with tools for branching storytelling and hands-on experience with Twine, a program for writing interactive stories.


Camp Lit is an annual creative writing holiday camp for secondary school students. Students get to mingle with published authors and learn their secrets; bond with fellow aspiring writers and explore the city in an epic three-day scavenger hunt; test their detective skills and engage their competitive spirit during camp games and challenges.

All lovers of the written word between the ages of 12 –17 are welcome to join in the fun.


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Book A Writer is Sing Lit Station's workshop-for-schools programme, featuring a roster of Singapore's most important writers at work today. *Are you a student interested in Camp Lit? Or are you a teacher or a parent who would like to learn more about our programme? Do send us a message via the form below.

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