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SingPoWriMo 2017

Day 24: The Nostalgic Prompt

by Stephanie Dogfoot

Write a poem about a place in Singapore that no longer exists.

Places could include: parks, any kind of buildings, libraries, malls, schools, restaurants, hawker centres, fast food chains/outlets, cemeteries, playgrounds, farms, sports complexes, mines, fields, forests, swamps, creeks, reservoirs, beaches, roads, shops, aquariums, tourist attractions, theme parks, cinemas, ponds, offices, and so on....

#DragonPlaygroundBonus: there is a mythical/fictional character (who is NOT Medusa/Icarus/Loki/Thor in the poem) #LochNessPlaygroundBonus: the character is a villain (who is NOT Medusa)
#BigfootPlaygroundBonus: you have never actually been to this place
#YetiPlaygroundBonus: the poem is (maybe) a little bit sad but it’s actually funny

#spwm17 #spwmday24 #NostalgicPrompt



We've collected all the poems written in response to Stephanie's prompt and geotagged them in this interactive display below. Click on a location and check out what's been written about it.



Singapore Poetry Writing Month, also known as SingPoWriMo, is a 30-day poetry challenge that takes place every April on an ever-growing Facebook group. With the help of poets such as Pooja Nansi, Ng Yi-Sheng, Joshua Ip, Stephanie Dogfoot and more, daily prompts are issued to help participants generate ideas for their poem of the day.