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Peer-Driven Workshop Groups

Our selection of affiliated and self-organised writing collectives.

The Image-Symbol Department 

Currently inactive, the Image-Symbol Department consisted primarily of young writers participating in the inaugural Singapore Poetry Writing Month in 2014. Comprising primarily of writers that formed the first and second batch of Ten Year Series titles (a Sing Lit Station-managed imprint under Math Paper Press), the collective went on to form the founding committee behind the educational and critical resource, and produced a multi-sensory programme titled "Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously" for The Arts House's Open House in 2016.

insert cool name here

Formed after the second edition of Singapore Poetry Writing Month in 2015, insert cool name here organises monthly workshops amongst themselves to critique one another's poetic output. Members of insert cool name here have gone on to publish their own collections and have their plays produced by professional theatre companies in Singapore.

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Formed after the third edition of Singapore Poetry Writing Month in 2016, the atom (AKA a touch of moonlight) collective organises monthly workshops to critique works-in-progress, as well as regular meet-ups and gatherings to promote camaraderie and friendship. Members of the atom collective have gone on to publish chapbooks and full-length collections of poetry, become regularly featured in various readings and programmes, and participate actively in various literary events.

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Formed in 2017, Paper Penguins were formed with the sole cause of bringing together a monthly gathering of young writers and poets who identify themselves as queer. Held at Sing Lit Station, the organisation in term venue sponsors their gatherings while also paying facilitators a small honorarium to lead discussion, provide critique on their creative output, as well as being role models for mentorship and guidance in these gatherings.

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Formed after the fifth edition of Singapore Poetry Writing Month in 2018, s@ber organises monthly workshops held at Sing Lit Station critiquing one another's writing. They stand for “Stop @ Bad End Rhymes”.